Fifteen years old - England,Liverpool
Do not judge me upon my age i understand allot more than you'd expect.
I see fashion unlike any other fifteen year old
Iv previously thought about doing youtube, however I'm intimidated by cameras (ay and what would happen to my street cred?)
Fun fact, iv been collecting Vogue UK since the age of ten with the help of my older sister(who was in fact a fashion student and has now graduated with a degree in digital design for fashion)
and in case you are wondering, yes she has influenced my interest's in the fashion world.

      I want to be able to channel my ideas and thoughts on this blog and i want to show people that no matter what age or sex you are you can be inspired by everything and anything.
Besides my love for fashion, i have a passion for music and singing- but that is a complete different subject.
One of my many dreams is just to be in the audience for any high end designer.
I really hope this blog goes along way and that you can join me on this journey I'm about to start.
Contact me: @avasalami or avasalami@hotmail.co.uk
Ava xx

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